GCC is very Guildford focussed. We want to see God blessing the town, transforming it through the gospel and bringing it into its God given identity.
GCC has been described by one member as an 'inside out' congregation and there is a lot of emphasis put on our role in the community and work place. Light is made to shine in the darkness and salt to be scattered.

We are also convinced that there is only one church in the town and that that church is the key to transformation. We don't expect one physical church to emerge in Guildford - things are too diverse for that - but we do want to work from a foundation of partnership and unity.

This means that we encourage each other to be involved in projects in the town - regardless of who initiates them. It also means that many of the projects we initiate are broadened out to include others. It also means that we financially support people and projects that we would have no direct involvement in. GCC is not the key to Guildford - but the Body of Christ in Guildford is! We are simply part of that.