Soul Survivor 2019 

We couldn't have done it without YOU.

SS19 highlights reel
On 16th May, Rachel and Emma who also served as village hosts,  set off in the dreary weather- smiles and prayers for sunshine taken with them. Thanks to them, when we all arrived the next day, our camp already had that wonderful homey feeling.

Highlights included: The Big Top meetings where all 10,000 of us listened, laughed, encountered Holy Spirit,engaged with ministry time and worshipped together, the dance cam, Mike Pilavachi's 'do you want me to sit on you' banter, group meals, the diversity of seminars, Shuffle & shake, cafe Uno,  and 10pm basement events- UV party, front row seats to Captain marvel together, secret angel gifts, and the final night celebration party!

This has been an incredible event and special thanks goes to you GCC for supporting us all the way to Peterborough through the special offering. Part of it contributed to bringing along Karen- who faithfully and with excellence, came alongside and discipled the yps and myself on this journey (not to mention cooked the most scrumptious mac n cheese- the dinner-in-reverential-silence-kind!)

Rachel May and Emma Wright- we celebrate you for who you are- overflowing with Christ's light, life and love. From  the silent disco where Rachel was the heart and soul of freestyling moves to pop songs, to her creativity in uniting yps in making popcorn necklaces for the food-themed last night, for your patience, steadfast faith,  and  laughter through the more trying times ... And Emma, your adventurous spirit hit the ground running with taking yps on tours and running alongside yps during the group race...your selflessness in making sure everyone enjoyed  hot chocolates every night and your taking the opportunity to encourage and challenge thinking among yps when digesting the seminars they'd been too was such a blessing. But ofcourse this is all upstaged by that masterclass where you both entertained and taught us to let the wonky bird fly free from the banana! 

I personally want to thank GCC for paying for and supporting me along this journey- specifically Elizabeth, Cassie, Rachel, Emma, and Janet- who believed in this and supported me from the get-go; whose tenacity strengthened me to not give up when things were most challenging.  

Thank you to the parents for entrusting us with your children, and to the yps for giving of yourselves to this journey.
The seeds sown over this past week shall not be taken away- only watered and nurtured, bearing good fruit in their time.

Bless you mi familia.

Love you as I leave you,
Joy Lelei