Mission Trip to Jesus Freaks Herzstuck, East Germany   

Wed 15th- Wed 29th May


After a breezy plane ride on Ryan Air and a 3 hour journey on the autobahn from Berlin to Gaier, we finally arrived on our mission field; what would become a third home away from home for me.

2 weeks of delving into a new culture was incredibly exciting. Enjoying the food- lots of pasta, not to mention strausel!
At the Jesus freaks church, we a group of 7 DNAers were involved in community activities, church ministry and worship leading, kids work, and fellowship time- the German BBQs and learning how to play Kob outdoors!

I particularly enjoyed the face painting, school visits - teaching English through games, and going for youth group where we Holy spirit moved powerfully in sharing prophetic words and pictures for the group and individuals...It was challenging but rewarding to grow in vulnerability and friendship with the church, specifically Andreas and Sarah Vierhart (our hosts) and  my DNA trainees.

This trip taught me  that the christian experience connects us beyond any barriers that language, or culture may try to divide. Also, I experienced the beauty and power of teamwork and was challenged to open lines of communication with others.

Definitely an experience that will last me a lifetime! Would love to share stories and more over chat so feel free to ask away...

P.S. No matter how rainy it seems now, Summer is right around the corner (21st June)- in faith we call you OUT!

Cheers to you Chosen. Free. Child of the King,


Joy Lelei, 18/06/2019