Joy's DNA Testimony (so far...)


Hey there Brother and Sister  in Christ,

This update is based on pastoral feedback shared with me by the DNA Team.

They have discipled and loved me faithfully, through the past 7 months.
I pray that you are encouraged and refreshed by the hope of yet another life transformed by Jesus.

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"It has been a real privilege having Joy with us this year and being able to serve her church in this way.

Joy’s year has been a challenging one for her, in moving to a new country away from family and friends.  She has shown real bravery in this and adjusted extremely well.  It has taken time for Joy to open up to us fully but she embraced this especially towards the end of the first term, where she began to open up into more deeper areas of her life.

Joy has looked at why she believes what she believes and has begun to explore her relationship with God at a much deeper level, as well as how she views herself and the value in which she does this.  This culminated in significant prayer ministry received at the residential around her identity and how she views herself and how she feels God views her.  This also relates to how she feels about her own culture and family and areas that have needed God’s input and she has fully now begun to open herself to us and God in these areas, especially in regards to generational things through her family. 

Joy has served in various areas of church and community life and has thoroughly enjoyed youth and worship activities.  Joy has really enjoyed serving in this area as well as contributing herself with her heart for worship.  Joy has had to adjust culturally as well as to how we do things in this country and where the boundaries are.  Joy has become more open in this area and is humbling herself and asking for help more, whereas before there have been a few issues with this and working with others, as well as Joy inevitably going through culture shock in the midst of this.

Joy has also been exploring her view of relationships and how she relates to people and seeking authentic friendships and relationships with the same sex and opposite sex, and I look forward to her exploring this more and more this year in the context of DNA and her church.  This in turn with moving more into areas of forgiveness in her own life will hopefully result in more meaningful and whole relationships for her.

Moving away from fear and control has also been a significant journey for her.  By her own admission, Joy likes to control things and she has seen elements of freedom in this, by her own strength and received prayer for this at the residential and I look forward to seeing her walk this out more with support and prayer continuing.

Joy’s PDP reflects the areas that she has grown in and desires to see more freedom, particularly in the areas of mind and imagination where there has historically been a lot of confusion, and her relationships, and we will support her in this.

Joy shows a real desire to follow God and be all she can be and follow Him with integrity and this will be stretched further with all the opportunities coming up both in her placement and trips with DNA.  There is still some more freedom and growth to be had in her self-worth areas and pushing into areas she is serving in and we are committed to work with her in the second half of her year alongside her placement church. 

I look forward to seeing all that God does in Joy in the coming months particularly with spring harvest and the international trip, where there is an opportunity for stepping out in various ways in the areas mentioned."


Joy Lelei, 22/04/2019