Town Centre Chaplaincy 

The Town Centre Chaplain and volunteer chaplains are available on a confidential basis for people in the town centre to support their emotional and spiritual well-being, including visiting local businesses with the agreement of the management and staff.

Volunteer chaplains work with specific businesses or business/leisure sectors in the town centre (including companies, department stores, theatres, shopping centres, nightclubs, banks, civic offices and leisure locations).

What Is Chaplaincy?

Rod Boreham took up post as Guildford’s first Town Centre Chaplain on 1st January 2010. Town Centre Chaplaincy brings a spiritual dimension to town centre life. It aims to build bridges of understanding, trust and cooperation between communities of work, faith, leisure and society and to provide a caring, listening presence for anyone who lives in, works in or visits the town centre.

Who Is Chaplaincy For?

The chaplaincy service is open to all without discrimination. Chaplains are motivated by their Christian faith to care for people and communities. Their role is not to preach but to offer care and comfort and a listening ear to people of any faith or none. The Chaplaincy aims to complement existing provision and services including other chaplaincies in Guildford such as those at the College, University, in the Police and at the hospital. Rod, as Town Centre Chaplain, is also chaplain to Guildford YMCA.

Andy McKenzie is currently Chaplain for Stocton Road, Joy Ahearn is Chaplain at the YMCA and Peter Wilkinson is a University Chaplain.
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