Community Gatherings

Sunday meetings are about family – younger, older, mature Christians, new Christians, different groupings, students, children – we worship corporately, hear current stories and engage with what God says to us through the Bible or prophetically.  
Currently we meet on a Sunday at Weyfield School, off the Woking Road.  

Entry to the school grounds:  on foot you can come in via the pedestrian gate anytime between 0930 and 1230.  By car, you need to arrive between 1000 and 1030 and one of the Welcome Team will let you in. Unfortunately after that time the gates are on an automatic lock so you will need to park nearby and walk in.   If you have trouble walking please try to arrive earlier and you are welcome to park in the playground, otherwise please use the car park.  Make for Reception and someone should be there to welcome you.

Most Sundays we gather for worship at 10:30 followed by the offering, notices and sharing news.  The children and adults then separate with the children leaving the hall to go to one of 4 age specific groups. The meeting normally finishes at about 12:20 when tea and coffee is served. There is always a Prayer Team available if you would like prayer for a specific issue.area
All-age meetings take place about once a term, during August and at Christmas and Easter.  These tend to be a little shorter to allow for the attention span of our younger worshippers!

Community Sundays - once a month we don't meet centrally but give a bit of space for different initiatives and a slightly slower pace. There can be breakfasts, walks, meals, smaller worship opportunities, meetings with other churches - anything that people want to initiate really. Details will be on the website or by contacting the office.

GCC Forum is an evening twice a year when we cancel other midweek meetings to get together to hear news, discuss relevant issues and pray together. 

Prayer weeks – prayer goes on in many ways in GCC, but on occasions we have a focussed prayer season – whether a series of evenings, prayer times with other churches or, even a dedicated non stop 24-7 prayer week.

Social activities – a few times a year there are social activities which are aimed at the whole of GCC – whether a summer away day, picnic, Christmas party or even a weekend away.

Town wide events – on occasions there are events or initiatives that we look to support as a whole group.